If you are a company and wish to empower your team & captivate your audience, our CORPORATE WORKSHOPS & EVENT SESSIONS are great ways to start!


By the way, did you know that REAL LIFE YOGA, it is:



Your employees have wonderful resources within themselves to better deal with stress, to manage their time and projects more effectively and to preserve their health, consciously while working. All they need though, is to know how to use these resources, how to breathe and move with awareness in their day-to-day job. And this is what our CORPORATE WORKSHOPS help with.

Together we will assess the main challenges experienced by your people to provide them exactly with the methods they need and start making this shift in health & productivity happen in your business.

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Conference and full-day meetings can be very insightful but also strenuous for our brains and bodies. So to keep your audience and participants focused, energised and motivated, let’s help them with a short REAL LIFE YOGA EVENT SESSION. We will give them exactly the methods they need in a fun and entertaining way to make your event a real success.

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It was fantastic to see the participation of the audience, and the yoga movements fit perfectly for a crowded space.
— David B. Director Startup Grind Zurich

Possible add-ons to your workshops and events


Individual COACHING SESSIONS on site

Because each of your employee faces different challenges at work - from back problems to stress, from productivity to motivation issues - we offer series of one-to-one COACHING SESSIONS directly in your office. These are usually 15min long for each employee and can be booked in 1h units, either in combination with a CORPORATE WORKSHOP or an EVENT SESSION, as well as separately.

And if your team or your business is not in Zurich, we can also set this up through online video call.

Pssst! What about giving your team some extra mentoring?

Check our REAL LIFE MENTORING solutions and keep the good work going for your team! In combination with a CORPORATE WORKSHOP or EVENT SESSION, we offer your employees one month REAL LIFE MENTORING for FREE! They will receive short videos and simple tips to relax and focus directly on their smartphone, helping them stay calm, healthy and productive even in the most hectic times.



We are happy to guide you and help you find the most relevant package of services for your team and your company. So feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have.