We work best when our head is clear and our body is fit. Free from tension, full of energy and with just the right amount of (good) stress.

To get there, you can stretch, move and breathe consciously.

Directly at your desk.



Allow your team to work healthier and smarter by giving them the right tools directly at their desk. Using, breathing exercises, accessible moves, stretches and meditation techniques, we help you:

  • Release physical tension and prevent new ones from accumulating.

  • Manage stress better.

  • Understand psychological and emotional stress.

  • Increase energy and motivation.

  • Improve focus.

  • Unleash creativity.

Together we assess what are the greatest benefits for your team and tailor our workshops accordingly to help you reach your productivity and well-being goals.




Conferences and long meetings can be very insightful and sometimes strenuous for our brains and bodies. With only a few moves and breathing techniques, we help your guests:

  • Arrive and relax.

  • Leave their day and thoughts outside.

  • Release physical and psychological tensions.

  • Be alert and attentive.

  • Increase their capacity to focus.

  • Feel energised and motivated.

It was fantastic to see the participation of the audience, and the yoga movements fit perfectly for a crowded space.
— David B. Director Startup Grind Zurich


We are here to help you find the most relevant package of services for your team and your company. So feel free to reach out.