Learning to be aware, to breathe and move consciously, is the first step to become a more empowered, successful and resilient version of yourself. To help you make this shift in business or real life, we provide exactly the methods you need in our ONLINE programs.



Because we learn best by understanding and applying simple methods in real life settings, and because we all face different challenges, we give PERSONAL ONLINE COACHING sessions according to your needs. The ONLINE COACHING sessions do not require any special clothes, mats or any particular set up. It can be done directly behind your phone or laptop, wherever you are calling from, whenever suits you. This makes REAL LIFE YOGA perfectly suitable for your busy life and for online coaching.

To learn more about how we can work together remotely and help you handle any situation with calm, power and resilience, sign up for your FREE 30min Discovery Call. We will take it from there.


Because it is always good to remember this…



In combination with your PERSONAL ONLINE COACHING package (10 sessions), you get a 3-month access to the REAL LIFE MENTORING. Receive daily tips & reminders directly on smartphone to help you breathe, move and develop awareness as you go through your day. At work, at home or on the go, you will never loose track of your empowered and resourceful self.

To learn more about how the REAL LIFE MENTORING can help you make the most of your PERSONAL ONLINE COACHING experience, here is the way to go.



Because we want our tips & methods to be available to you right when you need them, wherever you are and whatever situation you are in, we recorded all of them in short & comprehensive videos.

Visit our REAL LIFE YOGA Youtube channel. You will be able to find and use the right method exactly when you need it, no matter where you are, thereby becoming more self-aware and self-sufficient day after day.