“Yoga at your desk is a simple way to cut work stress.”

— Interview at CNNMoney Switzerland

REAL LIFE YOGA was at CNNMoney Switzerland to show that managing stress and increasing productivity is as simple as breathing and moving at your desk.


“Try it!!!”

I've had yoga class with Elodie and recently we added it to the Startup Grind events, just before our fireside chat. It was fantastic to see the participation of the audience, and the yoga movements fit perfectly for a crowded space. The instructions from Elodie are clear and easy to follow, relaxing voice, and very helpful actions. 
Makes it easy to see how Corporate yoga can happen at any office. Try it!!

— David B. Director Startup Grind Zurich

“Elodie's brand of Yoga is a real gift.”

Elodie's brand of Yoga is a real gift. You can carry her teachings and wisdom with you wherever you go. While it is nice to go to a studio and decompress, to do so you need to adjust your schedule accordingly. Real Life Yoga allows you to apply the teachings anywhere and everywhere, a practical and invaluable tool for stressful moments or transitionary times when you need to unwind. I use some of the techniques she has taught me when shooting, both for myself and my subjects. You can change your posture, your breath, your whole outlook in a couple of sessions.

— Innes W. Freelance Photographer, Storyteller



The yoga session really boosted my focus and energy for the afternoon.

— Ruzbeh T.


“Die Beste Entscheidung überhaupt!”

Vor kurzem durfte ich in den Genuss von einer Yoga Session mit Elodie kommen. Es war zuerst schwierig sich die Zeit dafür zu nehmen, denn der Kopf ist voll mit Sachen die man noch erledigen muss und man ist in Gedanken bei den ganzen Terminen die noch stattfinden. Man ist gestresst und hetz und das jeden Tag auf’s Neue. Dennoch konnte ich innerhalb von ein paar Minuten total entspannen und den kompletten Alltagsstress vergessen. Ich fühlte mich erholt und Energiegeladen. Tja, manchmal muss man sich eben zum Glück zwingen :-)

Elodie hat eine super Ausstrahlung und eine sehr positive Energie. Die Ruhe und Gelassenheit, die sie während der Session erzeugt hat, war einfach unglaublich.
Das war die Beste Entscheidung überhaupt!

Vielen Dank Elodie!

— Anna D. HR Assistant at Leo Burnett

“I always thought yoga was not for me.”

There was never any appeal to try out yoga until I came across Elodie's concept of "Real Life Yoga". The one hour sessions during lunch time turned out to be mini vacations from the hustle and bustle of my work. What's more, in her classes I learned simple exercises that I can use throughout the week to make me feel better, e.g. breathing to get an energy boost, shoulder stretches to relieve tension after long sessions at the computer or a position that helps me get focused again. The exercises are simple and don't require any special equipment or clothing, so there is a low threshold to actually do them in "real life". I also enjoy Elodie's cheerful, calm and unpretentious teaching style.

— Udo S. Business photographer at Fotofabrik

Elodie Caucigh, Founder of REAL LIFE YOGA.

Elodie Caucigh, Founder of REAL LIFE YOGA.

“From the corporate world to a sustainable business life.”

Hi, I’m Elodie. Before starting REAL LIFE YOGA, I spent many years in the advertising industry. Like most of us in the business world, I experienced stress and physical tension. Even if I was valued in my team and lived a healthy lifestyle, this didn’t prevent me from encountering health problems, from food allergies to acute tension in my jaw (a toothbrush would not fit in). With this experience, I realised that my body had been sending signals all the time. When to take a break, when to stand up, even when to breathe deeper and to move in order to release tensions. What I found in yoga were methods to become more aware of myself and to start listening to my body while I was working. This was allowing me to become more balanced, more productive and resourceful in my day at work, without having to roll out a yoga mat to get the benefits. I could actually include these methods directly when and where I needed them the most: in my business life and in the office.

This is why I created REAL LIFE YOGA. To help business professionals - people like you and me - feel better and healthier in business and everyday life situations. Using effective tips and accessible methods inspired from yoga and mindfulness practices - stretching, moving and breathing consciously - will allow you to release tension on the spot, clear your thoughts, manage your stress better, improve productivity as well as increase your focus, motivation and creativity. Directly at your desk and without changing clothes or rolling out a mat.