From corporate world to a sustainable business life

Hi, I’m Elodie, Coach & Founder of REAL LIFE YOGA. Before I started my own company, I spent many years in the advertising industry. Like most of us in the business world, I experienced stress and physical tension. And although I was seen as a “talent” in the companies I worked for and lived a healthy lifestyle, this didn’t prevent me from encountering health problems, over and over again. Within 5 years only, I went from severe food allergies to grinding my teeth so hard at night that I couldn’t fit a toothbrush in my mouth and developed pre-cancerous cells at age 27. With all this, I realised that my body had always been sending me signals, but my mind was to busy and stressed not to listen carefully. Yoga has been the only way for me to shift my awareness from my all mighty mind and to start listening to my body. Today I operate from both my body and my mind, and this has allowed me to be balanced, healthy and resourceful like never before in my professional and personal lives.

This is why I created REAL LIFE YOGA, to help business professionals, people like you and me, to feel better and healthier in business and everyday life situations. Because it all starts from within and with awareness, we use effective tips and accessible methods inspired from yoga and mindfulness practices and share these with you in our events, corporate workshops, online coaching, mentoring and online videos.

The focus of the REAL LIFE YOGA coaching is very simple: making it accessible to everyone (even the non-yogis and non-flexible), giving easy tips and methods that can be implemented as such in real life and in this way, encouraging you to discover your own resources to become a more balanced, empowered and positive version of your self. 



The exercises are simple and don't require any special equipment or clothing, so there is a low threshold to actually do them in "real life". I also enjoy Elodie's cheerful, calm and unpretentious teaching style.

— Udo S. Business photographer at Fotofabrik


Begin your coaching with a mindful & business professional

Besides my University Degrees in Intercultural Communication & Advertising, I am a certified Yoga Alliance RYT 200 teacher and entrepreneur. It was my decision to graduate from an indian yoga school in Goa, in which I could fully immerse myself in the yogic way of life for over a month and integrate the simplicity and depth of their traditional wisdom. Digging deeper into the benefits of yoga for stress management and burnout, I keep learning and training myself regularly. Other the past years, I followed a Thaivedic Bodywork Course in Munich, a Yoga Therapy Intensive with Mark Stephens at AIR YOGA Zurich and a 60h Yoga Nidra Training with Yogalife and Sanapurna in Zurich.