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At REAL LIFE YOGA, we use simple methods inspired by yoga and mindfulness practices, that you can apply anytimedirectly at your desk or on the go.

We coach you in groups or individually, online or in your office, to help you be at your best in any business & personal life situations.



What about starting the New Year right?

Give your team the best habits for 2019!

Learning to manage stress in a sustainable way, to be more productive, motivated and to stay healthy directly at your desk.

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Our stress management & productivity solution


REAL LIFE YOGA was at CNNMoney Switzerland to show that managing stress and increasing productivity is as simple as breathing and moving at your desk.



How it works


 Simply by using effective postures, breathing techniques and self awareness, you will learn how to:

CALM & FOCUS before an important meeting

RELEASE TENSION in your body from sitting & travelling all day

GET ENERGY even after a big lunch

BE MORE PRODUCTIVE in all your projects, professionally and personally

We all have the resources we need within ourselves to feel more empowered, more calm and focussed, whatever challenge we face in our business and personal lives. And it starts with breathing and moving consciously.


Our services for you and your business

Every 4th person in Switzerland experiences stress often or constantly. It is time we make a shift in the way we relate to stress and in the way we work.
— Statistics from the Zeitstudie, Sotomo 2017




We love to make our tips & simple methods available to you. This is why we recorded all of them so you can use them anywhere & anytime you want.

Visit the REAL LIFE YOGA Youtube channel and discover a selection of our best tips for you to try immediately.


“Elodie's Real Life Yoga allows you to apply the teachings anywhere and everywhere, a practical and invaluable tool for stressful moments or transitionary times when you need to unwind. You can change your posture, your breath, your whole outlook in a couple of sessions."

— Innes W. Freelance Photographer, Storyteller


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